Introducing the next generation of VR – VIVE Cosmos Launch

Category: EVENTS
Date: 30. December 2019

About: In the fall of 2019, we had the opportunity to unveil the next generation of virtual reality, HTC VIVE Cosmos. A breakthrough headset from the Taiwanese manufacturer that offered modern RGB LCD panels, innovative tilt design and motion tracking without the help of base stations.

Task: To offer journalists and influencers a trial of the headset before it goes on sale. To show the dramatic shift in virtual reality and prove that it is an essential topic not only for tech enthusiasts and gamers, but also for education and the professional sphere.

Results. The space was completely branded, complete with an informative poster guide to the history of VR technology since 1838, when Charles Wheatstone’s stereoscope appeared, and of course there was no shortage of catering. The presentation was attended by 15 journalists across technology, news and lifestyle media. One of the most prominent representatives of local influencer Wedra, whose fan base on YouTube alone numbers over 700,000 subscribers, was also present. Everything concluded with the publication of a press release. Thus, for the HTC VIVE Cosmos headset, we received 30 articles with more than 17 million OTS before the launch of the sales and testing program.