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We are a fresh communication agency. We come from PR background but, for us, communication is much more than that. In Whispr, we perceive modern PR as a mix of media relations, social networks as well as digital, B2B and other channels. Thanks to more than 10 years of experience in professional communication, we are able to design realistic and, more importantly, reasonable strategies for our clients.

Whispr focuses on technology and telecommunication companies. Our team offers a decade of experience gained in working with multinational as well as smaller Czech companies, such as Dell, Microsoft Xbox, HTC, Telefónica O2, emporia Telecom, AVG, Genius, ESET, Cat phones, Meizu, etc.


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branding crisis communication product communication internal communication media relation community management event management corporate publications and newsletters social media investor relations creation of exclusive content

Why Whispr

We are professionals. And this is why we are not afraid of innovative communication channels.

Our approach to communication is based on a detailed understanding of our clients’ business and their customers, which enables us to design reasonable, sophisticated strategies with a real added value. Strategies we not only stand by, but to live for.

We are not afraid of responsibility. The success of our clients is the best advertisement of our joint effort.



Jiří Vrzáček

Managing Partner

mail: jirka@whispr.cz
telefon: +420 734 155 350
skype: vrzacek

Ondřej Kuvik

Managing Partner

mail: ondrej@whispr.cz
telefon: +420 734 155 351
skype: ondrej_kuvik

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