Key Account Management for Fitbit by Google

Date: 6. December 2022


In 2018, Fitbit decided to actively develop its business in the CEE region and on this occasion was looking for an outsourced position of Key Account Manager in the CZ/SK/HU/SI region. Until then, Fitbit was only present on the market via an exclusive distributor, but active business development was completely lacking.


From the position of outsourced Key Account Manager, Whispr was responsible for active business development in the CZ/SK/HU/SI region in both retail and retail. The goal was to increase wearables market share, expand the network of original retail displays, expand the network of partner retailers and increase Fitbit brand awareness among end customers.


In this five-year period, we increased the number of partner retailers by the most relevant retailers in the market and increased annual sales to the order of units of millions of euros. At the same time, we actively launched the Fitbit Pay payment service, successfully completed several B2B collaborations with CSOB SK or selected domestic universities. We expanded the network of original Fitbit displays to every regional city in the country to the stores of selected partners. As part of in-house support for the Fitbit brand, we actively linked sales and marketing, as we also developed PR and other Fitbit brand activities in the respective markets during the same time period.


Business Development