Ambeo Soundbar Plus: surround sound from a single soundbar for everyone

Category: PR
Date: 30. September 2022

About: At IFA 2022, our client introduced a new generation of AMBEO soundbar with the ambition to bring quality surround sound to all homes. In doing so, it leverages the great name of the more expensive previous generation Sennheiser Ambeo and other technologies.

Task: To ensure that the new product receives sufficient attention before it goes on sale and to explain to customers that even with a limited budget and space, they can enjoy quality audio not only when watching movies, but also when listening to music and podcasts.

Results: Thanks to the opportunity to attend the IFA in person, we were able to offer selected journalists direct access to the unveiling of the new soundbar and an exclusive listening experience. At the same time, we were able to provide editors who did not travel to the fair with immediate visual materials and background for their work. Thus, the client could see the first outputs only a few hours after the event. Additional communication, which included a press release, was then sent to other media from the audio-video, lifestyle and news sectors, including, and In addition to standard communications, the client was able to reach over 3.5 million potential customers through 18 different media outlets as part of the Sennheiser Ambeo Soundbar Plus launch.