Launch of the DALI Katch bluetooth speaker on the Czechoslovak market

Category: PR
Date: 1. April 2018


In 2018, the Danish company DALI launched the premium bluetooth speaker DALI Katch on the Czechoslovak market. It combines high-end sound, unique design and luxury materials (metal and leather).


To promote the new DALI Katch speaker in the media and raise awareness of this speaker in the Czech media, especially in the consumer electronics, lifestyle and audio sectors. The focus was on the high-end sound and the use of luxury materials.


Without any budget for advertising activities, we managed to place DALI Katch in the editorial plans of a number of domestic media outlets, which also had the opportunity to test the speaker. In a short time frame, we achieved 15 published articles in online and print media with 7.8 million OTS. Media such as, Techbox or 21st Century covered the DALI Katch. In all cases, the product was rated very highly by journalists.