Global crowdfunding campaign for Turris Omnia

Category: PR
Date: 1. December 2017

About: In 2015, we won a tender from the Czech national domain administrator CZ.NIC to help them raise funds to start production of the Turris Omnia, a Czech open-source router with high performance and high-end security. The crowdfunding campaign ran on Indiegogo with an ambitious goal of 100,000 USD (over 2,300,000 CZK). The goal was surpassed several times over.

Task: To introduce a cutting-edge, versatile router with innovative security to a community of networking professionals and technology enthusiasts who will support the launch of the USD 100,000 crowdfunding campaign.

Results: After consulting on the basic Indiegogo campaign strategy, PR and social media advertising activities, we built a rich database of local and international media from around the world relevant to networkers and geek enthusiasts for the client. We subsequently reached out to them with a series of localized press releases informing them about the merits of the news and the progress of the crowdfunding campaign. We managed to get coverage not only on the pages of major technology portals such as Engadget or TomsHardaware with a reach of over 20,000,000 RU/m, but also in foreign print magazines. Examples are Heise Magazine and Linux Magazine. We have also succeeded in the pages of real open-source enthusiasts like Pro Hacker and PCDemano. In total, we’ve had 217 outlets with the highest US media coverage, and we’ve secured publications in China and Japan as well. In total, we managed to raise $1,223,230, making the Turris Omnia project the most successful Czech crowdfunding campaign in history.