Presenting Withings BPM Core to Czech journalists

Category: EVENTS, PR
Date: 1. December 2019


In 2019, a smart blood pressure monitor from Withings entered the Czech market. In addition to measuring blood pressure, it also offers ECG sensing and a stethoscope that listens to heart activity.


Introducing the new Withings BPM Core blood pressure monitor to Czech and Slovak journalists, mostly focusing on consumer electronics, lifestyle and health. The aim was also to explain the benefits of telemedicine for the medical field.


The local presentation was attended by 16 journalists from leading Czech media in a friendly atmosphere. In addition to the product presentation, there was also a presentation that addressed the benefits of telemedicine for physicians. In the latter, MuDr. Miroslav Derevjanik spoke to the journalists. It was the connection between technology and health that made the press conference praised by journalists as one of the most interesting in 2019. In a short period of time, we recorded 43 published articles with 14.7 million OTS, in titles such as, Hospodářské noviny, SME, or Kondice.


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